A Definition Resource File
` Life the resolution to remain
in the realm of paradox
Breviculum plot
Trobador ‘to find out’ poetry Mallorca midi
³ Dogma πήρ, λόγος, καὶ πῦα ἅγιον De Trinitate idea
̄ Logic لكل مجهول معلوم مخصوص يناسب Maqāṣid al-falāsifah code
° Epiphany manifestation of the intellect Against Method mode
* Art smallest irreducible represen­tation for binary relationship RDF data
¨ Apophany the experience of „abnormal
La Résistance au christianisme sign
´ Doctor to make to appear right Retòrica nova oath
Lecture to gather, collect; to pick out, choose www.volvelle.live form